Interested in finding out how much an iBuyer would pay for your home?

Who We Are

REALTORS® with Discover Phx Team at Realty One who works in Phoenix and Scottsdale residential markets.

What we do?

We provide a solution that offers sellers the ability to receive multiple iBuyers’ offers and decide which one is best for them. Agents specializing in seller representation with iBuyers when requested to do so.

How do we do it?

Currently developing an online platform that brings the simplicity of the iBuyer, working to maximize the return based on the sellers' requirements. Utilizing a growing network of iBuyers that we will send client properties for review and offer. We are providing a one stop location for maximizing the number of offers on a single residential property.

Why work with us?

The top two reasons people work with iBuyers is quick sale and convenience. We take it one step further. Bringing multiple iBuyer offers to our sellers from one location. We take the time to explain each offer and work to optimize the return for our clients in this market.